Antique Tobacco Barn
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  • July25th

    Mountain Xpress Best of for 2010

    —Mannie Dalton, Mountain Xpress

    The Antique Tobacco Barn has been winning this category since before its wares became antiques (this is only a slight exaggeration). The veteran Hall of Famer showcases the finds of more than 75 dealers — furniture, lamps, dinnerware, flatware, clocks, unusual and unique items of all sorts, you name it — in a sprawling 70,000-plus square-foot space. The sheer vastness of the building itself is impressive.

    What puts the Antique Tobacco Barn on top year after year? Employee Lisa Ramsey says it’s “the variety of choices, as well as the good prices.” Ramsey believes, “The history of the tobacco barn in and of itself is of interest to tourists as well as to locals.” The building used to host seasonal tobacco auctions, in addition to selling antiques throughout the year. Now it’s devoted to showcasing antiques only. Ramsey says. “We strive not to be the normal antique mall.” There are a lot of antique dealers in this area, but the Antique Tobacco Barn isn’t your average antique store — it’s the Best in WNC.  •